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In particular, the company developed various component base
systems for its commercialized analysis services including
De Novo Sequencing, Whole Genome Resequencing,
Exome & Target Sequencing, Transcriptome Resequencing,
Transcriptome De Novo Resequencing, snRNA Sequencing,
ChIP Sequencing, MBD Sequencing, Metagenome 16s rDNA
Sequencing, and Metagenome Shotgun Sequencing, providing

customized services according to customers' needs.

As genome sequencing becomes faster and cheaper,
bioinformatics is plays an important role for accelerating
and applying biotechnology research, especially for
high-throughput data analysis. Macrogen bioinformatics
core provides computing, data infrastructure,
and bioinformatics support for customers as well as to
develop plans to meet bioinformatic service needs.

  • Total number of servers: more than 100
  • E-mail response system service within the shortest time possible per analysis service.

  • Gene Expression (mRNA expression) Profiling
  • Methylation Profiling
  • miRNA Expression Profiling
  • Array CGH Analysis
  • Taqman qPCR Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis for Expression and Sequencing Experiment
  • De Novo Sequencing
  • Whole Genome Resequencing
  • "Exome & Target Sequencing"
  • Transcriptome Resequencing
  • Transcriptome De Novo Resequencing
  • snRNA Sequencing
  • ChIP Sequencing
  • MBD Sequencing
  • Metagenome 16s rDNA Sequencing
  • Metagenome Shotgun Sequencing