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  • - Using our cutting edge technological machine Mermade192E (Bioautomation, USA) we process
      all the steps required before synthesis with precision and quality.
  • - Deblocking > Coupling > Capping > OxidationOur synthesis process goes through above four steps.
  • - While above four steps are being processed, we run a purification on a synthesized single
      oligocleotide to discard any abnormally synthesized oligonuceolides, yielding the utmost quality of
      your oligo product.
Kinds of
modified/labeled oligo
  • - Modification of more than 30 variety of fluorescent dye is available and we take in orders that are
      50nmole scale.
  • - For more information please refer to our oligo price estimate and contact Macrogen's
      oligo representative.
Strict quality control
  • - Processing of MALDI-TOF QC on all Macrogen's oligo products.
  • - Companies that process entire oligo products are extremely rare.
  • - Compared to generalized QC method PAG gel QC, MALDI-TOF QC method provides detailed
      review of N-1, N-2 yielding flawless QC results.
Lead time & Order
  • - Real-time monitoring of the whole process available by unique LIMS
      Quick delivery through express currier (using FedEx / DHL International shipping)