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The first message to mankind at the dawn of the 21st century was the completion of the map of the human genome. The Human Genome Project, an attempt to discover the entire human genomic structure, has allowed new approaches to biological phenomena, along with the fact that the secrets of life are informationized. These accomplishments that humankind has achieved contribute to a new paradigm, information medicine, which means that the era of customized individual medicine and remote medical service has already begun, based on human genome information and bioinformatics.

In order to complete the medical revolution of the 21stcentury, characterized by regenerative and informatic medicine, supporting tools are indispensable. In the light of this, Macrogen Inc. has developed and commercialized basic tools for genome medicine - from genetic information analysis to functional genomics - by using bioinformatics infrastructure. Moreover, with continuous R&D on genomics, Macrogen Inc. has been able to broaden the range of genomics industry by inventing 'Super Alcohol Bacteria' and a congenital-hereditary-disease diagnosing kit. Furthermore, Macrogen Inc. has not only commercialized genetically engineered mice production and cloning technology, but has also challenged xenotransplant industry by establishing MGenbio Inc.

"Sharply but Sincerely" (with a keen eye and prudence), all staff of Macrogen Inc. are being encouraged by the infinite vision of bioindustry and feel great responsibilities as members of one of the leading companies in bioindustry.Based on steady R&D, increasing business efficiency, and clear corporate ethics, we, Macrogen Inc., will become a role model for biotech companies, which puts it in a strong position to maximize the profit of shareholders and the benefits for communities.

Thank you.