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In addition to its key medical role in the rapidly changing pan-Northeast Asian bio market, Macrogen has exerted considerable effort to carry out continuous research activities related to genomics, backed by its brilliant researchers and several years' experience in bioinformatics analysis. We have always sought to provide customers around the world with products and services of only the best quality, intent on becoming a world-class bio firm that combines the functions of diagnoses and therapeutics to develop new drugs.

Our continuing research activities have been our ticket to fame and prestige worldwide. In particular, our research articles have been published in the most credible science journals including Nature Biotech. Likewise, we have continuously cooperated with top companies to conduct joint research activities.

Building on its R&D strength, Macrogen provides high-quality gene analysis service to more than 60 countries worldwide. Since launching the oligo nucleotide chip in Korea, we have come up with various forms of bio chips and promoted them in domestic and overseas markets in conjunction with continuing R&D efforts. We have also focused on functional genomics including the cloning of genetically modified mice.

To offer higher quality services to more customers, we at Macrogen have made our information management system more accessible to customers by concentrating on high-tech process automation and management system and obtaining ISO9001 certification in the development and production fields.
Finally, Macrogen will stop at nothing to become a leading bio firm that holds its own against world-class firms, thus laying down the foundation to become a top bio venture firm that prioritizes its customers.
We look forward to the continued encouragement and support of customers and shareholders as we strive to provide productive research results more quickly.

Thank you.