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Macrogen Corp. (U.S.A)
Address : 9700 Great Seneca Highway, Rockville, MD 20850, USA
TEL : +1-301-251-1007

Macrogen Japan Corp.
Address : 3F Kyoto University International Science Innovation Bldg.
                  36-1 Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501 JAPAN
TEL : +81-75-746-2773
FAX : +81-75-746-2775
E-mail : customer@macrogen-japan.co.jp
Website : www.macrogen-japan.co.jp

Macrogen Europe
Address : Meibergdreef 31, 1105AZ,
                 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
TEL : +31-(0)20-333-7563
E-mail : europe@macrogen.com

MACROGEN established a subsidiary company, MG MED, in 2001 to provide medical services based on genetic information. The specialty of Macrogen provides hospitals and medical examination centers with service in diagnosing various contagious (infectious) disease, HPV by using our own genetic analysis technology.

In addition to diagnosing contagious(infectious) disease, MG MED also provides services in diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities using MACROGEN BAC chips, approved by KFDAas IVD testal. The company's future vision is to expand areas for genetic testing,for a variety of purposes including drug sensitivity. Such vision will help the company to become the pioneer in both disease diagnoses and prevention by securing stable income structure.

MGenbio is a venture corporation co-invested by MACROGEN and Sunjin in 2002 to specialize organ transplantation. Within a year after foundation, the company succeeded in producing 'Hyeong-gwang-yi', a pig cloned for transformation, thereby establishing the area of cloning and transforming technologies.
MGenbio is specialized for the development of bio-organs and the production of the high-end protein products for medical treatment. MGenbio, succeded to produce human immune gene cloned pig for anticancer treatment through augmenting white blood cells. In June, 2006, the company also merged with Sangsaengwon Inc., the top goat milk producing company in Korea, and development of the bio-organs and protein medicines. The company, established a firm and sound foundation for success.

Development 1. Medical treatment cells and tissues and heterogeneous organs
2. Protein medicine using nuclear transplant/transformation technologies
3. Business related to disease treatment and prevention
4. Production of dewy goat milk
5. Diagnosis reagent and individual gene tracking business
Major Publication Production of nuclear transfer-derived swine that express the enhanced green fluorescent
protein. (Anim Biotech 2001; 12:173-181.)
Production of (1, 3) Galactosyltransferase Knockout Pigs by Nuclear Transfer Cloning
(Science, 2002 ; 295:1089-1092)