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The term Bioinformatics was coined in the early 1990s from the words biology and informatics.
It is an emerging science in the Post Genome Era.
Bioinformatics reorganizes the gene functions identified through the analysis of gene base
sequence data using computers and software for differential application to biotechnology.

It is also essential in the fields of basic biology, medicine, and applied biology including proteomics.
One gene consists of at least 1,000 bases. Simply identifying which gene is abnormal among
30,000 ~ 40,000 human genes and which abnormal part of a gene causes a genetic
disease already requires processing an astronomically vast amount of information. Thus,
the development of information technologies including gene prediction program development
and bio information database building together with the development of the biochip is essential.

Expecting more practical usage of Biochip in near future, many companies began building bio information analysis services worldwide. Some companies already generated large revenues by selling biological gene information. An increasing number of Korean companies are also making inroads in this field, and the Korean government drafted a support plan as part of efforts to promote 21st century national industries.
In keeping with such trend, Macrogen Bioinformatics Research Institute developed an internal large-scale analysis processing system backed by its excellent manpower and built a vast database. Macrogen has pioneered domestic technical development by operating the customized Bioinformatics consulting system using international analysis services and component based module combination. It has also played a key role in the government-led industrialization task, continuously and gradually exerting research efforts to apply information and generate high value-added solutions.